Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dye your fabrics?

All of our pieces are hand dyed, in our family home with extracts from plants. We choose to use Cotton and Bamboo as our choice of fabric. Every item is hand washed, hand dyed and sometimes hand tied! - There is a lot of love and time that goes into every single item, making it 100% individual and unique.  

Why do the colours vary? 

Our products are dyed with plants and plant extracts. Every plant is different and many factors affect the plant and the colours that it may produce such as seasons, whether it is a solid/natural form product or if it has been ground into powder form, where it has been grown etc. We believe this makes our products truly unique and different. We think its kinda cool!

Do you ship internationally?

Not just yet - however if you would like to purchase and you are outside of Australia - please email us at

What is the best way to wash my Earthd. products?

We recommend washing all of our hand dyed products in cold or warm water, by either hand washing or putting on a delicate cycle in the washing machine. It is extremely important not to soak or tumble dry or products and they must be dried in the shade or inside as the sun will dull their colours (especially indigo!).  We pre wash our items in organic washing soap for extra softness however we also recommend washing before use.